Headstones Direct

Headstones Direct are New Zealand based importers of quality solid stone Headstones, importing from a Company that has already had more than 15 years experience in the Headstone industry.

We deliver Headstones New Zealand wide....

We have a wide selection of Headstones/gravestones to choose from for delivery throughout  New Zealand - with over 100 unique products available, you're sure to find a suitable headstone for your loved one.

We carry a lot of designs in stock and can order your selection. Engraving can be undertaken for most Headstones with the exact number of words being different for each Headstone style.

We can supply any headstone/gravestone of your choice of design and can arrange for photos to be embossed into porcelain for affixing on the headstones if required.

Please contact us to discuss your Granite Headstone needs and for a no obligation quotation...

Next Shipment Due: July 2013
*We can freight anywhere in the NZ freight free - but please remember headstones are made from solid stone and so are very heavy!