Bronze Memorials

Plaques, vases, lamps and accessories

We offer a large selection of premier bronze memorial products such as vases, lamps, frames, crosses, emblems, statues and more.

We sell only products that meet our standards of superior quality and fine workmanship.

The "bronze" discovery dates back to the year 2000 B.C. and gives the name to an age of our civilization known as the "bronze age" .

We offer a wide range of vases for flowers mounted on a wall and on the ground, as well as wax lamps, electric lamps and solar power lamps.
Some kinds are available also for ossuary.

All the bronze articles we propose are produced with first quality material, constantly checked to correspond to international standards.
The bronze fusions are treated with transparent varnish that guarantees the products against atmospheric agents.

Bronze articles cast using the procedure of the "pressure die-casting".
The neatness of the roses is very impressive.
These are ornamental articles for funeral niches and charnel-houses.

Solar Eternal lights

With a little bit of light, the plate that accumulates the solar light, which is connected to an accumulator, lights up a small intermittent red light bulb.

Flower Vases

By "Bronze" we mean a metal alloy which has a copper content equal or superior to 65%

Rose Bunches

Bronze ornaments suitable to be placed on tombstones and funeral monuments.

These bronze ornaments are meant to adorn the tombstone.

Crosses, Plaques and accessories

Different crosses, bronze plaques and bronze accessories suitable to adorn tombstones and funeral monuments and to express feelings of love and devotion.



Bronze frames

Provided with two pins for attaching it to the memorial.
All articles are treated with the special epoxy polyester varnish which
does not stain, does not change the beauty and the brightness with time
and needs no cleaning.

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Cremation Urns

Beautiful bronze and lost-wax casting

The most important usage of bronze statuary is to personalize the monuments.

Artistic bronze fusion cast with the "lost-wax system"

The process of lost wax fusion has extremely ancient origins related to the daily life of mankind.
Archaeological findings in Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt testify to the knowledge of this fascinating technique of working metals, which had already been handed down at that time from father to son, and has remained substantially unaltered through the course of the centuries.

Beautiful Bronze artistic reproductions

"Beautiful Bronze Statuary" is a unique collection of famous artistic bronze castings. Each statue represents perfectly religious figures well-known all around the world. The use of the bronze in a sculpture can be less expensive than marble or granite.

All of the artistic lost wax castings are polished and finished by expert master artisans. The wealth of acquired experience in the field allows for the production of sculptures based on a design or an idea of the client even ones with large dimensions.

Statue of
"The blessed virgin"

Statue of
"Our lady of lourdes"

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