Monument Portraits

Photo porcelain pictures and plaques

Immortalizing loved ones is a custom that has been with us for ages, frescoes on cavern walls, carved stones, ancient pyramids and mosaics are just some of the ways we paint a 'portrait' and immortalize someone forever.

Keeping alive the memory of loved ones through images and pictures is as common today as in the past, and today's techniques of photo porcelain and photo ceramics let us remember and honor those we truly cherish.

"Porcelain is a natural material long-lasting"

Porcelain plaques (photo porcelain) allow us to keep our loved ones forever and characterize special moments while standing up to the test of time. A porcelain plaque remains with us forever.
Today's photo porcelain production techniques are refined works of art that capture the spirit of our loved ones through high quality reproduction of the image with stunning details.

New printing method

Using the new manufacturing system of photo-porcelain called "Four-Colour Digital Chrome Photo-Porcelains" allows us to obtain good correspondence of shades between the original photo paper and the photo-porcelain. However, due to technical limitations we cannot always obtain a total and perfect correspondence. In fact, you must consider that different colours are used in creating a paper photo than in photo-porcelain. A paper photo does not have to be guaranteed against atmospheric agents, and the colours are not baked over 800 degrees.

To guarantee durability of photo-porcelains through the years, and against exposure to bad weather, the colours of the photo porcelain are baked and permeate the plaque.

By baking, the colours assume a shade which does not always correspond to the paper photo.

When memory becomes remembrance

In the figurative sense, photography means to imprint the image of a thing or a person in the memory. So it would appear that, in the cemetery, the photograph of the dear departed is destined to immortalize them in the eyes of future generations.

Monument portraits can be made from personal snapshots or professional portraits in either color or black and white. Black and white images can be colorized for adding beauty. Optional decorative bronze frames are also available to complement the beauty of monument portraits. We can change color values and redraw missing parts of the picture, isolate a person, replace or remove the background.

Wide range of shapes available

Portraits are available in oval, rectangle, round, bohemia, square, heart, dome (round or pointed), wall scroll, wall book, ground book, ground scroll, plus others.







(Convex Edge)





Bronze frames and ornaments

Provided with two pins for attaching it to the memorial.
All articles are treated with the special epoxy polyester varnish which does not stain, does not change the beauty and the brightness with time and needs no cleaning.

We also have a range of bronze "frame-holders".
For more on our bronze items see Bronze Memorials.
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